Pathways opened in 1986 with 3 small massage rooms and one steam and  sauna. Joy Curry began working as a therapist at Pathways in 1990. She and her husband, Joel, “Jody”  purchased Pathways in 1993 and began with 5 therapists. Joy continued to do massage, serve as personnel director, and run the office for many years until her passing in 2016.

Jody, a former psychiatric social worker, trained in Bowen Therapy, acupressure, and chi gung based massage as taught by Judy Phillips at the Phillips School of massage.  He continues to see clients and assist in the day to day operations.

Today, Pathways’ highly experienced, independent therapists carry on the Curry’s original mission: to offer a secure space for talented body workers to help people regain and maintain a balance of relaxation and natural healing.